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Join Us

Join Us


Membership in the YWCA of Bangalore City is open to women of all ages and backgrounds who subscribe to the aims and purposes of the organization. It invites women of different faiths to join in the activities of the organization.

Different types of membership are outlined in the Constitution and membership forms are available in the YWCA office at Mission Road and at Koramangala, for women and girls who support the cause of women and wishes to join.


Women who believe in the vision and mission of the YWCA are welcome to volunteer their time and skills to promote the development of women and girls. The YWCA seeks volunteers of all ages to strengthen the work of the organization by being involved in the training activities and policies of the movement. In keeping the spirit of volunteerism alive, it specially invites youth to join and give their creativity, enthusiasm and ideals to design effective training programmes for women and youth.


Training opportunities can be made available for women and students wishing to have an exposure to the work and programmes of the organization by interning with the YWCA of Bangalore City for a period of time. Those students particularly interested in community development or social work can find volunteer work in the existing programmes of the YWCA. It is also open to organizations and institutions who wish to network through volunteer exchange programmes.

For details and possible internship programmes, please contact


The General Secretary
YWCA of Bangalore City
# 32, II Cross, CSI Compound
Mission Road
Bangalore 560 027


The projects of the YWCA of Bangalore City have been supported by the goodwill and generous contributions of member donors in the past.

If you are moved and inspired by the work of the organization, donations are accepted to support the ongoing community development programmes.

YWCA is a registered society and is open to donations and contributions (either in cash or cheque). All contributions fall under the government regulatory ATG tax exemption that is applicable to charity based organizations.
Tel : 080-22238574

YWCA of Bangalore City
#32 Mission Road, II Cross
CSI Compound, Mission Road
Bangalore - 560 027
Tel: 080-22238574