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YWCA of India

YWCA of India as part of 9 Sisters

Historically, YWCA of India was one of the first 3 founding members to initiate the process of forming a strong network of national women's organisations which the national government had to contend with. It soon became a powerful force of 7 sisters, who worked collectively on issues of gender justice, all forms of violence and discrimination against women, policy changes and reforms affecting status of women in the country.

It was critical to build alliances with national women's organisation on common concerns, especially those that affected women and girls. The greater the number of credible organisations reflecting a common position, the greated the impact for change.

The YWCA has a clear position on justice issues, when it concerns violence against women, such as domestic violence, sexual violence, rights of Dalits, tribals, and adivasis, HIV/AIDS, women in conflict, AFSPA, social, political and economic rights of women, 33% reservation in parliament, gender equity and environment justice.

As part of the national women's network, it continues to lobby with governments, through joint campaigns, memorandums, rallies, and strengthens ist advocacy work and challenges the government to reflect its political will to support gender justice issues, including gender budgeting.

The change in policy reforms that impacted the status of women in India have been largely due to the relentless effort and work of the women's movement. They have responded jointly on all major issues that disempower women, and have consistently raised their powerful vioces to stop violence, and strengthen women's participation at all levels.

Today, YWCA of India continues to stand firm and committed to women's rights, dignity and freedom, because of the courage, inspiration, and conviction she draws as on of the 9 sisters who are;


The strength of the national women's movement allows each of the local YWCA to boldly take up local issues of justice, which need to gain national attention. After all, YWCA of India represents all the local associations around the country, and in the hope that networking among women's groups is equally strong and vibrant locally.
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Tel: 080-22238574