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Celebrating 50 years of Bangalore YWCA service

Rangoli Centre for Elderly Women

July to August 2007

The YWCA of Bangalore City held Leadership Development and Social Awareness training programmes at Bishop Cotton Women's Christian College twice a week, and the module of the programmes included documentaries on various issues such as- water, girl child, works of women, dowry, and environment. Talks, interactive exercises and discussions on Leadership, Gender, Communication Skills, Women and Health, Violence Against Women, and Personality Development were skillfully covered by various resource persons and experts in the field. The students were highly motivated and showed great interest in participating and furthering their skills and involvement in issue-based programmes. YWCA has a great challenge and an opportunity to reach out to many more colleges where young women can be mobilised to strengthen the vision of the association.

6 September

The residents of Arathi had an evening of fun and entertainment with the help of a team from Family Services led by Mrs. Jacintha Abi who sang songs, and enacted a skit for the residents over dinner. Such evenings always bring people closer together and the residence truly becomes a home away from home for the young working women.

22 September

On this day, the Annual General Body meeting & Elections were held when volunteer leaders were elected for a new term. The leaders make their commitment once again, to ensure that the vision and the goals of the YWCA are consistently applied and recreate programmes with new enthusiasm.

29 September

To attract younger members and identify young talent, the YWCA of Bangalore City organised a skit competition and invited different colleges to participate. The theme chosen was, "Restore Lost Childhood" , which was in keeping with one of the issues that the YWCA is concerned about. The multi-purpose hall at Arathi was packed with students, their families and friends. The team from Christ College bagged the winning trophy. This programme was an innovative way of addressing issues related to child labour, with special focus on exploitation of the girl child. The skits vividly portrayed all the different forms of abuse faced by children in society, and they also offered solutions for NGOs and young people on taking action against such abuse. The event also offered a great opportunity for the YWCA, to introduce its activities and training programmes, to the guests, especially the young students who could greatly benefit from being associated with a Youth NGO like the YWCA.

7 November

International Services Association (INSA) organised an HIV and AIDS Awareness programme at the YWCA, where members and friends were treated to a very informative and educational training programme. HIV/AIDS is one of the programme areas that the YWCA world-wide is actively engaged in, and has networked vigorously with like-minded groups to develop appropriate projects locally. INSA's power point presentation, group games and interactive discussion inspired and encouaraged participants to renew their commitment to work with and for people living with HIV/AIDS.

11-15 November

YMCA and YWCA Week of Prayer and World fellowship is an annual event, where all national and local YWCAs & YMCAs jointly observe a week of programme of action and prayer through reflections and joint worship. The following calender reflects the themes and issues focussed on, and the week promoted a greater understanding of working as partners in the development process :

11 November: Inaugural worship at the YMCA ground.

3 November: YWCA worship at St. Peter's Church, Mission Road on the theme "Girl Child."

24 November

The YWCA of Bangalore City hosted a Bazaar Day at the Arathi premises between 11:00 am to 5:00 pm, where more than 27 NGOs/ groups participated . It is a day to showcase the work of NGOs through sale of their products such as candles, paintings, recycled paper products, greeting cards, books, garments, herbal products, stationery items, jute products and a variety of food items. This event proved to be an ideal platform to promote products, and offered a creative space for networking with various organizations. The proceeds of the event went towards supporting the cause of Abraham Learning Centre, a Day Care Centre for children of the Koramangala slums. The Bazaar attracted a huge crowd and the day came alive with visitors from all over the city.

28 November

A one-day Staff and Volunteers' Workshop was held at Arathi and the workshop was facilitated by Leila Passah who is a former National & World YWCA Executive Staff. The training included creative meditation, sessions on organisational development issues and finance management. Group work exercises and games highlighted concerns on staff/ volunteer relationships. Time was also spent on developing effective strategies to promote good team work. Participants strongly recommended such training events to be organised at regular intervals, as it keeps a healthy check on directions taken by staff and volunteers in implementing programmes of the YWCA.

1 December

The Members' Social evening is an event organised each year during Christmas Season to experience and share in the warmth and spirit of Christmas with all friends of the YWCA. The evening began with Christmas carols sung beautifully by a group of Naga students. A solo by Ms. Eba, Violin pieces by Joy and Jaziel, Skit by Mitralaya boarding girls, and songs by the children of the Arathi Learning Centre, touched everyone's heart. Mrs. Ellen Hansen representing the Norwegian Human Rights - Norway, was the guest speaker who stressed on the importance of retaining the true purpose of Christmas amidst the increasing commercialisation of the festival. This Christmas celebration attracted more than 75 members and friends who felt enriched by such a meaningful fellowship.

8 December

The Charity Bazaar, is an annual fundraising event representative of all major NGOs in the city. The YWCA of Bangalore City has a food stall in the Bazaar each year, to raise funds for its programmes. This year it was held at St. Josephs' school grounds and the YWCA members' food stall with goodies like chicken, mutton and vegetable stew sold like hotcakes.

9 December

The residents of the YWCA hostel at Mission Road set aside a day each year to celebrate "Hostel Day" , where creative and fun related events are oranised by and for the residents. They treat themselves by performing special dances, songs and playing games. It is a time of fun, laughter and breaking all barriers of age, regions and classes. A special lunch is prepared, keeping in mind the favourite dishes of young women residents.

12 December

Similar to the programme of the hostel at mission road, the residents of the hostel at "Arathi" organised an evening to celebrate 'Hostel Night'. This is an evening where YWCA members, staff and the residents come together for a relaxed evening of good food and good fun. This year there was a lot of lively singing, facilitated by a team from Family Services, an organisation committed to development. The Hostel Night is a great way to promote better understanding and relationship between staff, residents and members of the YWCA.

15 December

The YWCA Kannada Lower Primary School at the Kader Sheriff Garden celebrated its "Annual School Day" at YWCA Mission Road, where the students have a platform to perform their best for the day. School children with their unique talent gave amazing dance and song performances for the audience. Students are also given special recognition for their academic results during the year.

September 2007 to February 2008

Short-Term Programmes such as the Free Computer YWCA Certificate Course in MS- Office is offered for young school dropout girls at the YWCA building, at Mission Road. This 5 month course is a huge support to the young women from marginalised community, who gain additional skills to finding employment and sustainable income to support their families. This course has also considerably improved the self-esteem of these young women.


23 February 2008

The YWCA of Bangalore City in collaboration with the Student Christian Movement of India (SCMI) conducted an inter-collegiate singing competition on the theme "Make Music, Make Peace" on Saturday, February 23, 2008 at the SCM House, Mission Road. The competition had solo and group singing under western and vernacular categories. Given the current situation of violence in various forms around the world and in our country, this event was an effort to challenge the young minds, their talent and idealism to promote peace issues and be agents of change through music. The following colleges participated. Mount Carmel's, St.Joseph's, Jyothi Nivas, Bishop Cotton Women's Christian College, Bishop Cotton's Law College, and Home Science College. Cash Prizes and a Rolling trophy were given out after the programme.

6 March 2008

This year's annual lenten service sadly coincided with the sudden passing away of one of the dearest members of the YWCA of Bangalore City - Ms. Mabel Koilpillai. Mabel was a senior member and Recording Secretary of the Board of Management. In honour of her sincere dedication and service to the association, the lenten service was dedicated to her memory.

The YWCA lenten service was held at the St. Peter's Telegu Church in Mission Compound where the Presbyter Rev. Vincent Rajkumar of St. Mark's Cathedral gave a very inspiring message on ' self-introspection and service to the poor'. He challenged all members to continue to work with the marginalised communities towards justice and peace.

Dr. Lalitha Manoharan as a YWCA member shared her personal experiences on how her family celebrated lent and what lent meant in her life. Students from Bishop Cotton's Women's Christian College, Iba from SCM, the YWCA sponsor children from Mitralaya boarding and little children from the YWCA Kannada Lower Primary school offered lively songs, bhajans and hymns to make the service meaningful and extra special.

10 March 2008

A Panel Discussion to commemorate International Women's day was organised at Arathi and it was moderated by Ms.Sarah Samuel - former President of the YWCA of Bangalore city

Leila Passah, the first panelist had served as staff both at the National and World YWCA. She looked at why the YWCA as a global and national movement stressed on the importance of 'Leadership by Women', as key to any develpment process. She explained how training women as leaders has empowered society and impacted lives of women and girls, and gave examples of advocacy & skills training programmes carried out by the YWCA thoughout its history.

Dr.Chhungi - Dean of Ecumenical studies at ECC looked at how organizations like the YWCA can become more inclusive allowing members of different faith backgrounds to feel involved and she gave examples of various programmes which we could do at the YWCA to make our movement more inclusive and attract women of all different beliefs, from diverse backgrounds.

Leela Mannaseh - first woman Director of Bible Society spoke on how the Women's groups in the church could become more active with the YWCA and how these two groups could work together in bringing about social change. She challenged churches and Christian institutions to reach out to communities and work proactively on social issues.

Dr. Joyce Sunder - Principal of Bishop Cotton's Women's Christian College spoke on the gender disparities that exist in our society and how the YWCA could organise gender training programmes to address the issue. She also spoke about her personal involvement in the YWCA wherever she has held positions. She gave examples on how the YWCA is perceived by outside groups, and encouraged the association to continue its advocacy role and leadership in bringing about social transformation.

The discussion that followed the panel presentation was very lively and strong recommendations were made by the audience. It was suggested that resolutions from such panel meetings be passed on to government bodies that are concerned about issues affecting the status of women. It was further recommended that the Press be invited to all such events in the future to increase the visibility of the YWCA. It was also recommended that the YWCA organise gender training programmes for its membership and public.

First Anniversary of Susamaya

The Drop-In-Centre or Susamaya of the YWCA of Bangalore City celebrated its first anniversary on 31st January 2011 in the center at L.R. Nagar slum. Mr. N. A. Harris the MLA of Shanthinagar Constituency was the Chief Quest for the day and the local Corporator Mr. Lokesh was also present on the occasion. There were representatives from the REDS, YMCA of Bangalore City, Bethany School, and teachers from CEVA School.

Mr. N. A. Harris was very pleased by the work and activities carrying out by the YWCA and he promised to extend his help and cooperation in the future.

Susamaya continues to be the centre for the children who for various reasons have dropped out school. Fifteen to twenty boys and girls between the ages of 7yrs and 14yrs, drop in between 2:30pm and 5:30pm. They are curious, willing to partake in guided individual and group activities and has the freedom to come in with their younger siblings and spend time in the Center. Some even come in before or after or between their "child labour activities" which include a whole range of activities from selling "juices" at their doorsteps of their homes to working in garages.

They spend their time in the activities conducted by the YWCA like Yoga class, indoor games, drawing, painting etc. They also have music and dance sessions. They are also encouraged to do some reading and writing with the hope that maybe some of them might go back to school.

Interactive session with the Transgender.

The place of transgenders in the community/society is a burning issue in today's world. While travelling on the roads the sight of transgenders or "hijras" upsets us and without hesitation windows of the cars are wound up to avoid the harassment of having to deal with the situation. Men on two-wheelers are more vulnerable and sometimes succumb to the persuasions of these people who are often using their "gender" to beg.

Who are transgenders? Are they eunuchs or transsexuals? Do they have a community? Do they have legal rights? Questions that are veiled in ambiguity.

The YWCA of Bangalore City in keeping with one of the Convention priorities of "Neighbour to the Victimized" had an interactive session with Sangama, an NGO working with the transgenders on 25th February 2011 at Arathi-Center for Women's Development, Koramangala. It was an eye-opener session for all of us presented there as we got to hear the stories of the people from this community, the traumas and the harassments they are undergoing from the family and society. One thing they request us was that parents should understand what their children suffer and undergone and give them the freedom to chose life.

It was a well attended programme by the students from St. Joseph College, YMCA, SCM, REDS, APSA, YWCA members and well wishers.

Informal discussion on Euthanasia.

Women's International Day celebrated or remembered all over the world over hundred and three years does not always have to be in memory of the success stories of women's struggles but also to remember the courage and determination of women who have fought for justice for other women who have been exploited or denied justice. The commemoration of the Women's International Day, the YWCA of Bangalore City hosted an informal discussion on Euthanasia and its implication in the controversial Aruna Shamburg's case on 17th March 2011 at Arathi, Koramangala. In the particular instance of Aruna Shanbaugh's inhuman suffering for the last 37 years, an independent, courages, award winning journalist cum writer Pinki Virani took Aruna's case to the Supreme Court of India-the Supreme Court in its landmark judgement allowed 'passive' Euthanasia and not 'active' Euthanasia. What are the medical, religious and legal aspects of this particular case?

Aruna Shanbaugh is a nurse from Haldipur, Uttar Kannada, Karnataka in India. In 1973, while working at King Edward Memorial Hospital, Parel, Mumbai, she was sexually assaulted and has been in a vegetative state since the assault. On 24th January 2011, after she had been in this status for 37 years, the Supreme Court of India responded to the plea for euthanasia filed by Aruna's friend and a journalist Pinki Virani, by setting up a medical panel to examine her. The Court turned down the mercy killing petition on 7 March 2011.However in its landmark judgment, it allowed passive euthanasia in India.

The medical Doctor, Dr. Amitha Jawaher, a Board member, one of the panelists explained.The word 'euthanasia' is derived from two Greek words, 'Eu' which means 'good and thanatos' which means 'death'. The two forms of euthanasia are active and passive.

Active euthanasia is where the life of a person is terminated by a doctor at the express wish of the individual or the nearest relative of the individual. Passive euthanasia is the removal of life support system leading to or resulting in the death of the person.

The issue in itself mixes both killing with healing. The medical fraternity is usually equipped with the knowledge of what to do when the question of life or in some cases, even the death of the patient is the matter of relevancy. The following factors must be considering the enormous population of India it would be impossible to monitor the various aspects of each person heeding or requesting active or passive Euthanasia. To be completely objective about the medical and legal aspect is a Herculean task. Leave aside religious, economic and social practices in a country so varied. The fact that passive Euthanasia is allowed depending on each case is itself a landmark judgment.

Immanuel, a radical student of United Theological College expressed his personal point of view from his Christian background and theological knowledge with references quoted from the Bible he related that life is a gift from God and we humans should not play God by either prolonging it without adequate reason and through necessary medical intention. Neither do we have a right to terminate life for our own selfish reasons.

Ramya Jawaher an earnest fourth year law student at Bishop Cotton Women Christian Law College researched the topic and explained to those gathered in simple language the pros and cons of Euthanasia from the legal point of view. She expressed the pressure the legislation of the nation faced in an issue such as this. The possibilities of misuse and faulty implementation of something as grave as euthanasia cannot be ignored. The term and act itself fits snugly into possible crimes under the Indian Penal Code, 'Murder' and 'Suicide'.

The discussion was interactive and a healthy debate broke out as what could be done so that the law at least considers the concept of a willful, voluntary and peaceful death. The law cannot at the moment provide a common enactment on the matter simply because the situation and circumstances of each individual differs.

Camp for Y-Unit members

The camp for the Y-Unit members was held on 26th-27th March at YMCA Camp Centre at Yellagiri Hills, Jolarpet, Tamilnadu. Twenty four students from Bishop Cotton Women's Christian College and United Mission Degree College, two staff, two board members and two lecturers were part of the camp. The camp started with the introductory session on self. There was a screening and discussion on the movies 'Maffile' and 'Astitva'. These two movies speak about the issue of women, their role in the family and society. Y-Unit members actively interacted in the discussion after each movie to understand the role of women and girls within the family. There was a campfire after dinner. The students went for the trekking on Sunday morning to explore the nature.

Since many of the participants are new to the YWCA, one session was conducted to explain to them about the Association, its aim and basis and also the different projects and activities.

World YWCA Day

The YWCA of Bangalore City celebrated World YWCA Day on April 27th at Arathi-Centre for Women's Development, Koramangala. We continued to reflect on the theme, 'Women creating a safe world'. After welcoming our members with tea and snacks there was an introduction about the YWCA as a World and National Movement by a senior member who also touched upon the aim, objectives and the work of the YWCAs. She also briefly described the relationship of the world, the national and local YWCAs. This was followed by a power-point presentation of the four women the YWCA of Bangalore City had selected to honour on World YWCA Day.

On this day we honoured four women of Bangalore who have contributed and created a safe world for children, women and society and made their mark not just in Bangalore but nationally and on the international scene. The four women were Ms. Nomita Chandy, Ms. Kiran Muzamdar Shaw, Ms. Ruth Manorama and Ms. N. S. Hema.

Our guest of honour, Ms. Nomita Chandy, one of the women we honoured on this day was present and she shared her experiences and struggles in the process towards revamping adoption systems in India at the level of policy and law.

A brief narrative of the four women was read by two young members and two senior members. The script included the achievements and contributions to the community by these women with reference to health, the differently abled, women and children.

26th June

YWCA of India in collaboration with NCCI will observe World Week for Peace in Palestine Israel. It is a joint action for a just peace convened by the World Council of Churches.

Date: 26th June
Time: 8:30am
Venue: St. Marks Cathedral, M.G. Road, Bangalore

28th June

The YWCA of Bangalore City is organizing a talk by Ms. Lisa Sarah John who is a Diet Counselor and Nutritionist. She is a full time Consultant; presently working with diet and diet related health problems like underweight, overweight, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, gastric problems, cancer, etc. and has counselled thousands about a healthy lifestyle. She is a regular columnist for the Times of India and Vanitha magazine 'Malayala Manorama'.

Date: 28th June 2011
Time: 3:30pm
Venue: Arathi, Koramangala


November 13th 2011: Inaugural Worship The YWCA of Bangalore City and the YMCA, Bangalore jointly organized an inaugural worship on the 13th, Sunday morning at YMCA, Nrupathunga Road, Bangalore. Members of YWCA and members of the YMCA attended the service. Ms. Porkodi Prabhakaran, President of the Association delivered President's message during the worship as she was appointed as the Chairperson for the week of Prayer. Rev. Dr. Peniel Jesudasan Rufus R, faculty, United Theological Centre, Bangalore was the special invitee who inspired the young members to speak out for rights and justice through his powerful message.

'Overcoming Violence'
18th November 2011 A joint programme by United Theological College, Bangalore and YWCA of Bangalore City at UTC, 63, Miller's Road,Benson Town Bangalore '560 045'.

60 young participants- Students from various colleges such as Jyothi Nivas, Bishop Cotton's Law college, India Campus Crusade, Indo-Asian academy, Kristhu Jeyanthi and UTC.

Session 1: 'Know your rights and responsibilities'.Ms. Porkodi Prabhakaran, Principal Bishop Cotton's Law College, addressed the students on the essential Rights that they need to be aware of.Talking about VIOLENCE, Ms Porkodi said that violence happens in many forms. Sexual violence and emotional violence are common. She also indicated that when cruelty to women takes place, the burden is on the accused to prove that he is not guilty.

Session 2: Dr. Evangeline, Dean of Doctoral Studies and Non-Degree Research, Professor, Department of Women's Studies.Dr. Evangeline spoke about the escalation of violence against Dalits.

Final Session: Two challenging questions were posed to 6 groups of students:

What can youth do differently today to imagine a violence free home/society?

Can the church become a partner with the youth/youth partner with the church?

The students were asked to discuss among themselves. They did come up with powerful responses. They very much appreciated the awareness programme on knowing rights and duties.

a fundraising event on 19th November 2011 The Association for the second time planned and organized November Fest sale of products/textiles open for Non-Governmental Organisations and members from the public who participated in the one-day fest. There was a very good response from both stall holders and buyers. The members of the Association managed the food stalls. The fest proved to be a good fund raising event. The proceeds from the sale of stalls and food items were diverted towards future community development projects of the Association.

A visit to SANGAMA - an Organization of Transgenders working for their own community-30th of November-11

Including the excluded' The YWCA of Bangalore City in keeping with one of the Ooty's cluster meeting priorities of reaching out to the marginalized, the young members of the Board- Ms. Rebecca Taylor, Ms. Deepa Jayadev and Ms Manisha Sara visited SANGAMA on 30th of November 11 to explore the possibilities of working with the Organization.They met Ms. Akkai, one of the chief executives of the Organization and had serious conversation with her with regard to the violation of the fundamental rights of the transgender. It was indeed a good experience talking to Ms. Akkai who shared the weird experiences of traumas and the harassments the trangenders undergo from the family and the society.

Orientation Programme - Board members and other members-3rd December 2011

An orientation programme was organized for the board members and other members. Ms. Anna Chandy, the Vice-President of the Association was the resource person for the day.The morning session included discussions on matters relating to Administration, Finance, Communication, National Association, MINA, etc. Later in the afternoon, there was a discussion on roles and responsibilities of Board members/Chairpersons of various committees- specific to YWCA of Bangalore city.

Christmas programme- 15th December 2011

The Christmas programme was held at Arathi at 4 p.m. on the 15th of December 2011. Two vibrant choirs from Jyothi Nivas College and St. Joseph's college gave an electrifying performance. Rev. Abraham George, from Campus Crusade for Christ was invited. He shared the word of God with the members present and even presented a beautiful song. It was a much appreciated programme.

A Visit to CSI Hospital and Marthoma Opportunity school- December 16th 2011

Since it was Christmas season, the members of the Religious committee visited the Geriatric ward at CSI Hospital, Bangalore. They interacted with the in-patients and distributed some fruits, biscuits and hand towels. On the same day, they visited the Marthoma Opportunity School at Krishnarajapuram, Bangalore. The children at the school presented some cultural programmes to the members. The members donated some provisions to the school for the benefit of the children.

A trip for the domestic staff- 8th October and 28th December 2011

The domestic staff of Arathi went on a trip to ISKON temple and Cubbon Park in Bangalore on the 8th of October while the domestic staff of Mission Road office had a day out to Nandi hills and a temple in the outskirts of Bangalore. They all had fun and enjoyed the day.

6th January

Rangoli, a new centre in Rajendra Nagar area in Koramangala slum was inaugurated. The centre is being used on Thursdays for conducting programmes for the elderly women from the slums and learning activities for the young girls from the community.

January 20th:

The members of Toy Bank visited Champa, our Day Care Centre at LR Nagar. They distributed used toys and performed magic shows. Toy Bank member playing with children

January 24th: Staff orientation

The staff orientation programme for the staff of YWCA of Bangalore City was held on 24th January 2012 at Arathi from 11am to 4pm. President, Ms. Porkodi Prabhakaran led the devotion. Her devotion was on "who is the blessed?" based on Psalm 123. She said that the blessed are those who fear the Lord, who have the fear to do evil, who walk away from evil and abiding the Will of God. She concluded by telling all present that if we are blessed we will be also a blessing to our life, our organization and also to others. Dr. Elizabeth Thomas briefed about the YWCA structures and functions. Dr. Susan Verghis session was on SELF AWARENESS/EVALUATION through games and activities.
Ms. Sarah Samuel talked on Finance and Personnel- EARN A TRUST and should be responsible the money we spend.

January 21st and 22nd: Leadership Training held at Secunderabad-

Three of our youth members, Rebecca Taylor, Deepa Jayadeva and Nythika attended the training organised by South-East region.

January 31st: Brainstorming session on "Women and Law" BRAIN STORMING SESSION ON PLANNING PROGRAMMES FOR THE YEAR 2012

We had a brainstorming session to plan the programmes for the year 2012 on 31st January 2012 at Mission Road. The meeting started with a word of prayer by Ms. Agnes Madhuravani. Ms. Deepa Jayadev did the introductory session. There was a discussion why the Association decided to take up "WOMEN and LAW" as the topic for the programmes of the current year 2012. The following are the various sub topics under Women and Law that the YWCA of Bangalore would like to address: -

Domestic violence

Property Rights



Sexual Harassments at the work place

Employment reservation


Dowry Harassment


Rape/Victims of attempt to Rape

9th February 2012: Poster making competition

The Religious Committee of the YWCA of Bangalore City organised a Poster Making Competition on the theme, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth... God saw all that he had made, and it was very good." (Genesis 1:31)". This competition was held on 9th February 2012 at Bishop Cotton Women's Christian College. Five groups participated in the competition. The students were very creative and talented but group 3 won the best group. We thank the Principal of the college, Dr. Joyce Sunder for allowing the YWCA to organise this competition.

27th of February 2012: An awareness programme on "Domestic Violence"

An awareness programme on "Domestic Violence" was organized to reach the women from the slums who are also mothers of our Day Care Centre children on 27th of February 2012 at Arathi. Ms.Margaret Sampath, Deputy Director-HRE from SICHREM -South India Cell for Human Rights Education & Monitoring, St.

Participants for the programme came in good number. There were more than 50 women present. All the domestic/field/office staff of the Association, teachers and helpers of ALC, students of Computer Vidyashale and about 5 members/volunteers of our Association were also part of the programme.

Ms. Margaret Sampath spoke to the audience in their regional language i.e., Kannada. She discussed in brief the problems girls face in continuing their education; women having no right to their earnings; husbands opting second marriage, committing adultery; dowry practice still encouraged, etc.

She then spoke about the Domestic Violence Act 2005. According to her, the Act has provisions for women to seek assistance not only when they face problems with their husbands/ in-laws but also when they are with their parents and go through domestic violence.

After the session, many individuals shared their personal issues with the resource person in private and sought her assistance.

29th February to 2nd March: National Consultation on "Christian Witness in the Pluralistic context of India- Recommendations for conduct"

A Consultation on "Christian Witness in the Pluralistic context of India- Recommendations for conduct" was organized at ECC, Whitefield, Bangalore from 29th February to 2nd March by the National Council of Churches in India (NCCI), the Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFI), Interfaith Coalition for Peace (ICP), and the Board of Theological Education of the Senate of Serampore College (BTESSC). This Consultation encourages all Christians, churches, church councils, mission bodies, and theological institutions to reflect on their current practices of Christian life and witness. One of the aims of this Consultation is to bring out a document for Christian witness in the Pluralistic context of India. Two members of YWCA of Bangalore City, Ms. Ivy Christopher and Ms. Elsy Jason represented YWCA of India in this Consultation.

2nd March 2012: World Week of Prayer

The Religious Committee of the YWCA of Bangalore City observed World Week of Prayer on 2nd March at 10:30am at 32, Mission Road. We have followed the worship order prepared by the women of Malaysia. Ms. Ivy Christopher was the speaker for the service on the theme, "Let justice prevail".

7th March:

Our Drop-In-Centre, Susamaya celebrated its 2nd Anniversary.

26th March:

Members from Lioness club visited our Day-Care-Centre, Champa.

5th April:

Ms. Krupa Nathaniel of Indien Hilfe evaluated the Community programmes of the YWCA of Bangalore City.

30th April:

Paper Bag making-workshop for the Field workers organized by Spastics Society of India.

11th May:

Graduation Day of Computer Vidya Shale was held, 30 students passed out from this centre.

21st 25th May:

Summer Camp was organized for K S Garden community children.

28th March 2012: Sexual assault

In continuation of "Women and Law" series, the second awareness programme of its kind is "Sexual Assaults". It was held on 28th March 2012 at 3:30pm at Arathi. Two professors of Bishop Cotton Women's Christian Law College were the resource persons for this programme.

2nd April 2012: Lenten Service

The Religious Committee of the YWCA of Bangalore City organized Lenten service on 2nd April at 3:30pm in Platt Memorial Church, CSI Compound. Rev. Sudhakar Joshua was the preacher on that day. He preached on the PGF file of Jesus-Praying, Giving and Fasting based on Mathew 6:16-18. Members in the Lenten Service at Platt Memorial Church

24th April 2012: World YWCA Day


YWCA of Bangalore City celebrated World YWCA Day on 24th April at Arathi, Koramangala. There were variety of short programmes, such as PowerPoint presentation on importance of the World YWCA day; speech by the World YWCA General Secretary on the theme "I am a woman and I have the right-we are women, we have the power" was played; a beautiful poem on Women's Empowerment was read, quotes on power of women were presented, an interesting quiz programme - How well you know your YWCA? was conducted and finally a delicious cake was cut to make the day a memorable one Ms. Sarah Samuel cutting the cakeMembers participating in the quiz

1st May 2012: Staff Day out

All the staff of YWCA of Bangalore City went to Ramanagaram for their day out on 1st May 2012. The staff had many activities, games and dance. It was a nice time of knowing each other and time of fellowship. YWCA Staff at Kanva Dam, Ramanagaram

27th May 2012: Tata Consultancy Services WORLD 10K Bangalore 2012

The YWCA of Bangalore City for the first time in its history took part in the 5th TCS World 10k walkathon which was held on 27th May 2012. 11 members and friends participated in this event. The purpose of YWCA participation is to raise funds for our community projects.

Participants in the TCS World 10k 2012: Left to Right: Susan Gita Thomas, Sudha Mathai, Susheela David & Usha Abraham.

31st May:

Eye Care Camp was held at Mission Road office where 325 members from nearby slums participated. 15 went for cataract eye surgery and about 200 received spectacles.

5th June 2012: Summer Camp

Half day camp was organized for the children of Susamaya, L R Nagar slum on 5th June 2012 which falls on World Environmental Day. Around 40 children between 4years to 14years of age were part of the programme. Rebecca Taylor, Manisha Sara, Ramya and Deepa our youth members were the resource persons. There were varieties of activities like greeting card making, paper art, games etc. The children showed their interest by learning how to do such activities and they were so excited and delighted to see their completed work.

The YWCA of Bangalore City keeping in mind its National Convention theme 'Neighbour to the Earth' is organizing an 'Eco-Programme' on daily dump.

Date: 20th July (Friday) 2012
Venue: Arathi, Koramangala
Time: 3pm

14/2013- the Annual Carol Programme

The Annual Carol Programme for the YWCA was held at Arathi. Six choirs with a total of about 100 members participated and the hall was packed. The message "Be the Change" was delivered in an interesting manner by Romila Abraham, who followed her message with a meaningful song composed by her. A charming Nativity Scene was presented by the children at Abraham Learning Centre.

November 28/2013- Discussion on Sexual Haressment at Work Place -

The programme on Sexual Harassment at Work Place held on 28th November was in response to the recent outcry created by the Tehelka editor's sexual assault on a junior employee. The in-depth discussion was held in an informal manner and came under the umbrella of PASI (Public Affairs and Social Issues).

Dr. Uttara Vidyasagar a medical doctor, the Founder Trustee and Director of 'VIVEKA', and the chairpersons of atleast 8 Sexual Haressment Committeein the country was the resource person. Amita Mani who was earlier a counsellor at Arathi and now an interested volunteer organised 3 short role-plays to create an awareness on different aspects of Sexual Harassment at the work place. This set the tone for an interactive discussion amongst the members.

As a follow-up of this programme a discussion with the working women at Arathi Hostel was innitiated and a questionaire was dispatched to all the residents. It is mandatory by law for every office/organization with more than ten employees to have a Sexual Harassment Complaints Committee.

November 10/16/2013- World YWCA & YMCA week of Prayer and World Fellowship - Theme: Be the Change, Be Transformed.

The opening programme was held at the YMCA campus. Members from both the Association jointly visited the Central Jail Parappana Agrahara had a time for interaction with the inmates who were mostly young women. The members distributed biscuits, soaps and tubes of tooth paste for a total of 250 inmates.

November 9/2013- November Fest- Annual Charity Bazaar -

The event was inaugurated by Ms. Priya Mani- award winning actress and Mr.Sangliana, Ex.Commissioner of Police, Ex.DGP, Ex.MP. The premises was filled with 62 stalls with colourful and beautiful products ranging from handmade jewelleries, eco-friendly products, sarees and dress materials, herbal oils, painted pots, handy craft, and varieties of food items etc. The "Y flea" was another attraction for the crowds. The proceeds of the food stalls and the stall charges go towards our Community Development Projects.

Our Charity Bazaar is not only about raising funds but also to give opportunities to different entrepreneurs, NGOs, and organization to exhibit their creative skills, sell their products and promote their cause. People from different walks of life participated and it was a great success.

September 17/2013

Onam Celebration- Pookalam Competition and Best Dress Lady was the centre of attraction. Colourful Pookalam were beautifully made by the competitors. The winners were presented with special gifts.

Aug 9/2013- Celebrating the Chef in You "The Art of Cooking without Fire" Competition- Judges

Nirada Harendra who runs "Secret Garden cafe," a bistrot which serves what she calls "fine home dining", Shantha Mamman and Bina Thomas an active board members and have passion for cooking judged the competition.The participants prepared different delicacies and were so competitive which made it difficult for the judges to select the winn

June 22/2013

A Fun Get-togather Programme for the Y members was held at Arathi- Centre for Women's Development. The purpose of the programme is to come together, to meet and know each other, for reaffirming our commitment, renewing membership and to bring new members to the organization.

April 24,2013

We commemorated the World YWCA day ,with an interactive Panel discussion on the recently passed Anti Rape law over high tea with over 65 participants -the Y members, non-members, some representatives from our NGO partners such as SICREM and Stree Jagruti Samiti and some of our residents. The panelists were Mr. Danish Sheikh -Alternative Law Forum, Ms. Saranya Hegde-Mahil Dakshita Samiti and Ms. Rose Sunderaj-Mount Carmel College Counselor and Vice president of Right to Life NGO who enlightened us on the law itself, its various aspects,its drawbacks, the implementation challenges.This panel discussion is a forerunner to a resolution that is going to be framed and shared with the National YWCA very soon.

May 19,2013

A mixed group of 20 enthusiastic runners-a few members, staff, girls from the computer center,a couple of children from the day care centers participated in the TCS World 10 K Majja madi run to create awareness and raise funds for the various community development projects and programs of the YWCA of Bangalore city. 5.6 kms was covered with great camaraderie, fun and enthusiasm along with more than 20 thousand other participants.

Celebrating 50 years of YWCA Service..

The YWCA of Bangalore City proudly celebrates its Golden Anniversary .. 50 years of in-depth commitment and service to the community ... and it will continue to rise and respond to the growing concerns and issues confronting us today , particularly women and girls in the society..

It was Fifty years ago, in 1965 , that a group of committed women came together to form the YWCA of Bangalore City , with the aim to empower women and children and reach out to those from the marginalized sections of the society.

The goals of YWCA continue to be very relevant today as the country is witnessing rapid social change and urbanization. With increasing numbers of young women pursuing steadily higher levels of education and growing numbers of young women in the work force, the need to support and empower them in various ways today is more than ever before.  








An Orientation Program titled "Leading a sustainable YWCA MOVEMENT" was organized on 9th September 2017 at Arathi, to explore the Association's goals and objectives, activities of various committees, role of members and many more areas. This was done specially for the new Committee Members.

The orientation program was followed by Onam Cultural program and lunch (sadya).


The General Secretary Ms. Dorcas Pearl and our member Ms. Sridevi Mohan visited the Goodwill Girls' College where they were given a warm welcome. A presentation of the YWCA was given and both of them spoke to the students about their experience working with the YWCA of Bangalore City.



A Panel Discussion on 'The rising intolerance in India' was held on 29th September 2017. The Panelist were Aakar Patel (Journalist, Writer, Executive Head of Amnesty International India), Maya Menon (Educationist) and Madhu Bhushan (Activist- Writer). The Panelist shared their insight on the problem after which there was an animated discussion by the audience.


 Vacancy Announcement 

YWCA of Bangalore City is seeking applications for the post of Programme Secretary cum Administrative Assistant 

She will have primary responsibility for:                                                                    

  • Initiating leadership training programmes for the membership 
  • Developing and monitoring YWCA projects
  • Budgetting and maintaining accounts




 Qualifications required: 

  • Post graduate degree or Bachelor's degree, preferably in Social Sciences
  • A minimum of two (2) years of National or Local NGO experience
  • Computer literacy in MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint are required 
  • Knowledge of the local language (spoken Kannada and/or Tamil) highly desirable
  • A deep understanding of women's issues and passion for community work. 

Salary: Attractive remuneration will be offered to the suitable candidate 

HOW TO APPLY: Please, send in your Resume with at least 3 references through e-mail to:
Tel : 080-22238574

YWCA of Bangalore City
#32 Mission Road, II Cross
CSI Compound, Mission Road
Bangalore - 560 027
Tel: 080-22238574